Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mind Boggles!

PHOTO 1: see that tiny little rectangle with writing on it? Apparently its the foundation stone of the Dunn Memorial Church. One wonders at the expediency of locating a foundation stone half way up the building....more worrisome still are some of the words writ upon it (thanks to zoom technology)
PHOTO 2: "This memorial stone was laid by Mrs John Dunn"
And so the imagination rages......was the unfortunate Mrs John Dunn hoisted by tackle and pulley, swinging in the breeze and clutching mortar and trowel while gamely holding onto her flowery hat? Did she mutter imprecations under her breath, remonstrating with the Holy Angels regarding the injustices heaped upon the wife of the local philanthropist? Did the poor darling vow to closely examine her marriage contract and expunge any possibility of further indignities?
Truly, the mind boggles!

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